The Pastor's House DVD
Episode 1 - God's Creation

How to use television as a positive tool to teach your children God's Word.  

Dear Friend, Television is a tool, so in and of itself, it is neither good nor bad. It is how this tool is used that determines whether it is helpful or harmful to your family. Unfortunately, broadcast and cable networks have decided to air programming that is full of garbage that is harmful to families. Because of this, I pulled the plug on broadcast and cable TV three years ago in our house, and it CHANGED OUR FAMILY'S LIFE!

Now, I want to turn TV into a positive tool that can be used for the Lord.  The Lord has led me to create a new video series that you can use to teach your family about God and His Word.  It's called, "The Pastor's House" and Episode 1 is all about God's creation.  Read all about it on the page below and get your very own copy of this exciting new DVD.  
I pray it will be a blessing to your family.

This DVD from Families For Christ Ministries 
will help your family learn all about God's creation 
straight from Genesis Chapters 1 & 2.  Join Pastor Ken Lawrence and the Pastor's House Puppets in this fun and educational video

Free Genesis Chapter 1 Bible Study included inside!

Read what other's say about the Pastor's House:

"The Pastorís House is a Christian DVD series weaving entertainment with eternal benefits.  Each DVD contains 30 minutes of Bible-based education.... Catchy tunes with memorable lyrics enhance understanding and retention of the Christian values presented....  This DVD series will go a long way in proving that Christian entertainment can be exceptionally professional. Although Iím almost fifty, Iím anxiously awaiting the next DVD in this series!"
by Merri Larsen, Home School Enrichment Magazine

What is The Pastor's House?

The Pastorís House is a new, exciting Christian video series from Families For Christ Ministries.  The Pastor's Houseô provides quality, Christian education for the whole family, in a fun and entertaining way. We call it ďChristian Edutainment.Ē