Daddy's Blessing Kit
Keepsake Tin, Book and Candle
by Randy & Lisa Wilson
A practical resource for families to create a lasting tradition at home
In biblical times, the patriarchs expressed their love by bestowing a blessing on their children.  Now you can give this special gift to your kids.  Featuring a candle and a book detailing the blessing ceremony, this set gives you a unique and meaningful way to communicate honor, value, and identity to the next generation.
Daddy's Blessing is shrink-wrapped and includes:
*Keepsake gift tin 8" x 6" x 2 1/2"
*Scented blessing candle with decorative gold cord
*Beautifully color-illustrated hardcover bookDaddy's Blessing -- both a powerful story and an inspiring model for practicing this biblical concept in your family.
*Simple instructions and practical suggestions for creating your own blessing
*The chance of a life-changing moment -- one that may be the single most powerful memory your children leave home with