Brookside Farm-House
From January to December for the Little Folks
by Martha Farquharson (a.k.a. Martha Finley)

A Lawrence Multimedia Exclusive

Written by the author of the Elsie books, under the pseudonym of Martha Farquharson
Brookside Farm-house is written by Martha Finley (the author of the Elsie Dinsmore series), and was originally published by the Presbyterian Board of Publication in 1865, two years before the first Elsie book was published.

In 2006, it was republished by Lawrence Multimedia. This new hardback edition has all 12 of the original pictures, original punctuation and spelling, and is 96 pages. It is cloth hardbound.
“Brookside Farm-house was a very pretty, though old-fashioned place, not five minutes' walk from a village of the same name: a beautiful winding brook of clear, sparkling water skirted two sides of the farm and from this circumstance it took its name.
“Mr. Neff was the owner, and here he, and his wife, his old father, and six children had a pleasant and happy home.”
Thus begins this charming book, in which the Neffs, who are Christians, earnestly strive to raise their children as such in everything they do.
In reading this book, you will learn about patience, thankfulness, obedience, charity, and industriousness. Your children will enjoy following a year in the life of the Neff family at the Brookside Farm-house.
Martha Finley wrote and published nearly a hundred books during her lifetime from 1828 to 1909. This book is about the tenth one she wrote.
Cloth Hardbound Book
96 pages